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    When the whole world believes on what Einstein said, that light goes at fastest speed, an Indian scientist M.A.Padmanabha Rao found it otherwise and reported in 3 research papers in 2013 and 2015.
  • Two fundamental physics discoveries in X-ray physics reported by M.A. Padmanabha Rao signify further advancement to the discovery of continuous X-rays by W.C.Roentgen and discovery of Characteristic fluorescent X-rays by C.G.Barkla.
    These two research papers unfold
    1. Uranium fission causes Sunlight
    2. Low wavelengths go fast and reach more distance.
    3. The Sunlight that we get is not directly from Sun, but from within 10 km height above Earth.
    The paper unfolds the Sunlight you get is within 10 km height above Earth.
    Please peruse and raise questions.
    M.A.Padmanabha Rao,...  more
  •    Discovery of new emission from Sun 
    Literally everything that we utilize for daily life in India like aero planes, trains, ships, computers, internet, cement, soaps, etc all have come from foreign countries like USA, UK, China etc....