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  • Discovered two unprecedented emissions from radioisotopes by Indian scientist M.A.Padmanabha Rao: 1. Bharat Radiation emission followed by UV dominant optical emission.
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  • It is for the first time for an individual scientist doing fundamental physics discoveries as many as ten
  • Modified Formula for E.M.Radiation such as X-rays, Bharat radiation, EUV: E= V^2
  • Discovery of Bharat Radiation causing UV dominant optical emission from radioisotopes, XRF (X-ray fluorescent) sources reported in 2010, and from Sun in 2013 by M.A. Padmanabha Rao, PhD (AIIMS), an Indian Scientist.
  • After teaching nuclear medicine at AIIMS in Delhi, he joined the Defense Lab in Jodhpur in 1983. He did experimental work in nuclear physics and detected new phenomenon in light emission from X-ray sources, science that lies at the intersection of nuclear...  more
    DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.35195.00805
    Radioisotopes such as 137-Cesium are known to emit only the ionizing radiation emissions (gam...
  • From XRF sources or X-ray equipment used in hospitals, only the X-ray emission is known so far. M.A.Padmanabha Rao, an Indian scientist has experimentally discovered UV dominant optical emission following X-rays from all the six XRF sources of AMC 2084,U....  more
  • M.A.Padmanabha Rao's nine fundamental physics discoveries of his ten discoveries.