The Music Box

  • Posted by Oem Trivedi
  • December 11, 2016 7:50 AM PST
We see the a thrilling dream of a physics student which actually is what happened to him, alongside understanding the marvelous and wonderful laws of our cosmos in action.

When the last of the guests left, I went back to drawing room of my house. To my surprise, the drawing room was completely dark. I assumed that I had switched off the lights while giving my buddies a send off, but I didn’t quite seem to remember anything like that.


I had just settled into this new house I’d rented for like 10 days. It is near my recently joined university, where I’m  pursuing a master’s degree in Pure Physics and Mathematics. Being a newbie into the place, I had a sudden urge to make some buddies.


And I made some friends in my short stay, as we all loved football and loved to talk about physics & mathematics. I invited them to my place and we guys talked a lot about physics and eventually ended up playing video games. As the night wore on, everyone went to their homes. It is nearly about 11’o clock & I got all geared up for watching a football game of my favorite club Chelsea.

 I went to my room, took out my team’s jersey and put it on. With an adrenaline rush & my team’s anthem in my head, I was fully pumped up for the game. Suddenly I heard a strange sweet music from my wardrobe. My curiosity grew, and I searched for the source of the sound and to my surprise I found a small box, from which the sound was coming. It was not the ideal weird thing which would creep the hell out of a person at almost midnight, but to me it was pretty cute and a bit strange as well.


I took this silver colored object out, and now I noticed a really weird thing. It was a dodecahedron in shape, one of the most beautiful topological shapes for me. Topology can be simply said as a global form of geometry, where there is a high connectedness of shapes. Back to the night, no one would expect such a weird shaped material in their wardrobe at such a great time. Now the question which crept to me obviously was, where did this thing come from? I mean it wasn’t certainly mine and I don’t expect my dudes to have kept such a cool thing at my house.


I saw a button on it’s upper body, on which it was written “Hell Yeah!”(Stone Cold bumped in my head). All humanity called up in an instant to press that button and hence I did so. Multiple buttons came out of the other parts of this object’s body and one particularly cool button popped up. It was the tinniest of the lot and it in the form in which multiple straight lines moved fast to produce a sphere in cyclic manner, I felt sure that it was a hologram projection chip. And another noticeable thing was that on as soon as the sphere completed on this button, an expression was out which had “Goal Bingo”. So now I just had to press and so that’s what I did.


Now the already beautifully weird night, excelled in these ranks to the point I did not expected it to. A hologram started to form out, when it came out in full flow; it covered the whole wall of my room. The projection from the hologram read “Time Chip Industries”.  


After that, a man looking similar to Robert Downey Jr. in his Tony Stark like attire from Iron Man came up.

He said,” Hello Jayden Williams, happy belated 21st birthday to you (my birthday was 15 days ago). I’m Tony Velmots( phew, so close to stark in every physical sense), chief executive of the organization whose name you’ve just read at the start. By the way, how’s your master’s degree going? I guess it has been 10 days since you’ve joined in Stanford. Don’t be intimidated, we’re just checking our device. I here speak to you from the year 2070, yes humanity has survived for this long alongside other biological kingdoms of life in a healthy way. We have made some progress in Science as it might be evident to you & I’m not going to reveal the details as what’ll be the suspense for you then. Don’t hold this device so tightly, it’s a bit delicate you know. I said please don’t panic, we’re not going to do anything bad.”

“What do you mean by panicking? I’m excited! But I don’t see any flying cars or stuff like that if it’s in the year 2070?” I said in a voice like a 7 year old kid who just won a Mewtwo Pokemon Card. “ Don’t worry about flying cars and things, they’re there and we have better stuff too but that again is for the suspense thing. Now, this test is being conducted to check the feasibility and efficiency of teleportation of small devices through backward time travel. And for one more thing, umm… will you please be kind enough to tell what the time of the day is as you hold this device. “It’s 11 in the night and I’ve got a game to catch up to.” I said. “Are you sure about that? Check outside the window and look up to your alarm clock which you keep on top of the drawer on the left side of your bed.” Tony said in a chilled out voice and with a small grin.


I now checked out of the window almost lethargically to find out something which left my face wide open. It seemed like the evening hours of the next day, and when I checked the clock, it read 5:00 pm! As I was about to tell my astonishment to Tony, he looked at my face and said “Is it 5:00 pm of the next day?” I nodded in an approving manner. “We did it!” He exclaimed in joy and jumped and I heard a huge roar of happiness of many people.

“Thank you for Cooperating Jayden, this device is now proved to be able of doing time dilation for the user even after teleporting through backward in time. On a further note we have used some principles which have theoretical foundations in near the future for you again that’s for the thrill of the suspense for you. Besides, I’m sorry for the game man.” “Why did you choose me for this test?”I asked. Tony replied, “You will have the answer for that yourself. The box will remain as a gift from us for your cooperation with us. This hologram chip will teleport back to our time itself, the other features are for you to utilize and enjoy. And one more thing, you did switch the lights of your room up when your buddies left but due to our device’s appearance when you went out after the talk, it switched off the lights of your room due to some minor technical difficulties. Nice meeting you in fresh mood, Talk to you later surely.”


And then the hologram chip rose up and vanished. Now I lay on my bed and caught my breath again. What had just happened! It was 10 pm of the next day by now and I felt tired. But it got me to think, what was the reason that time dilation was caused by the device? Albert Einstein in his General Theory of Relativity describes that gravity is caused due to bending of Space-Time and the stronger the gravitational field around an object, the slower time moves for that object. I embarked upon the realization that the device created a very strong and controlled gravitational field around me which caused time dilation or slowing down of time to occur for me. Sure they used some cool stuff! And tony also said that it was there in the near future for me. Geezers !

When I investigated the other features of the device, the different buttons on it led to extremely good quality full game recordings of the best matches of my club, biggest concerts of my favorite band and full manga & Video versions of my favorite anime, all my favorite stuff.

But, How did they know so much about me? I pondered upon that question for some time before which I received nature’s call. When I was just going to keep this device back in my wardrobe, I noticed something written in handwriting exceptionally similar to mine which read ,“Sorry young lad, you were unable to watch game because of our test. We handsomely won 5-0 in the match and played some stunning football, a complete joy to watch. The blue ribbon has the special highlights of that match. Enjoy Life, Be passionate about your stuff and Believe.”. And below it was written “by Jayden Williams, Theoretical Physicist and Founder of Time Chip Industries.”